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    Rogue Coast California spawns stuff with well said original designs garnished with vintage clout. Committed to edge and comfort, you don't need anything we make, you want it, and it wants you.    

    Born and raised on the coast of Southern California, I founded the brand while harnessed to my house in the Spring 2020. Unoriginally, I found myself velcroed to the couch, dressed in sweats and tee shirts, trying to be cute, but preferring comfy over everything. Nothing new there. Countless brands like that.


    For years, a billion and seven people told me I should write a book about my vida loca.  

    Rogue Coast California about

    Since I don't want to write a book, I funneled my vida loca in to the brand, designing with the least amount of words possible, heavily focused on original graphics instead, all emblazoned on stuff that is soft, maverick, and both nap-friendly and head-turning. 


    ūüĎáūüŹĽ LONG VERSION¬†ūüĎáūüŹĽ

    As a kid, my dad used to surf up and down the the West Coast, all the way in to Mexico, and I spent most of my childhood on the beach. He would pull me out of school to take surf trips and teach me about life outside the classroom. Debatable if I learned more about what matters in life in or out of school...

    Rogue Coast California about

    Anyway, one day he came home with a motor home (see pic below). He wanted to optimize camping at the beach so as to surf the best sets in the morning.

    This move taught me:

    1. Always discuss big purchases with your partner first
    2. You don't choose your passions, they choose you 

    Amidst all this, my parents consistently supported my hustle and instead of discouraging me from selling rocks for instance, they let me learn about market demand by helping me set up my rock merchandise on a table in front of our house and sit there for days without customers. I figured it out. 

    Rogue Coast California about

    Fast forward a lot years, a lot's happened, and you're reading this.

    Rogue Coast California is a place for me to park the unorthodox thoughts that have gotten me fired or dumped cause I'm not getting in to line...alchemizing the design cocktail on to stuff that harnesses others who feel the same and seem to like it (thanks mucho).

    On style, I create for those who lowkey thrive on the double takes, but not the over-saturation of the spotlight, with each design based on my experiences growing up as kid in SoCal, mostly unisex styles. 

    We know Rogue Coast California is not the most popular or easy to categorize, and that's who we create for - those who flow in the undercurrent of zero fucks river, but feel and look good while doing.

    With a personal profile that's more Banksy, less exposed, I'm hopeful we can connect over the stuff I design and create cause it lands for you like it lands for me. We hope you like our stuff. Our stuff likes you. 



    P.S. OK, what's this is all about...