What does 'Rogue Coast California' mean?

It's Latin for 'a badass brand that infuses you with bliss and joy vibes'

Who is behind Rogue Coast California?

Thirty seven robots, and a couple cool humans. Scope ABOUT for the tea. 

How long is production?

As of September 12, 2020:

Processing times are approximately 4-9 business days. Please click on COVID-19 red banner at top of page for more details. 

All of our stuff is made 'on demand' like a batch of fresh baked cookies or your favorite sushi order, meaning we only make stuff when you order it. 

We do this to ensure the highest level of quality control possible to avoid "stale" inventory. 

Production time + shipping time = stuff in hand

How long is shipping?

As of September 12, 2020:

Shipping times are 4-7 business days.

Stuff ships out after it's processed.

Please click on COVID-19 red banner at top of page for more details. 

Super sorry for delays, you know why is to blame (has a beer who had the name first)...

How do octopuses change shape & color?

This answer is beyond our brain's ability to nail this confidently, but scope this.

Wait, what do octopuses have to do with Rogue Coast CA?

When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good. The more good, the better.

We wish we had some octopus genes in us, 'cause octopuses change how they look and feel simply by changing their thoughts, which is pretty cool.

Our apparel almost does the same thing, but after thinking about putting our stuff on, you have to actually put it on. We're working on octopus technology though. Stay tuned. 

Why isn't the brand more popular on social media?

We don't buy followers and have been on TikTok too much. 

Do you gift wrap?

No. But should we? Drop us a line at roguecoastca@gmail.com if this is something you want us to do. 

Why is there so much black, white and grey?

We're indecisive when it comes to colors. Give it time. We'll get over it. 

Why don't you use models?

Working on it. Getting close to people right now is not ideal...

How do you get armpit stains out of white tees?

Soak in a scoop of OxyClean for 24 hours.


Stains gone? Bravo.

If not, soak again, this time in a mix of OxyClean and bleach.

Pop in wash. Stains gone? Hope so. 

This is not legal advice, but if steps 1-2 don't work, time to retire the tee and pop a new one in your cart.


Why are jeans and a tee so timeless and hot?

No idea. But it hits just right. 

If you figure it out, let us know, genuinely curious. 

How do you prevent deodorant streaks on apparel?

Scope our instagram Reels @roguecoastca, we have a hack for this that works. 

Does California think it's cooler than the other states?

Define cool...

All lies, still don't see my answer

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