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    3 Surprising Things Not to Do in a White T-Shirt

    3 Surprising Things Not to Do in a White T-Shirt

    Rogue Coast California wants you to look and feel good.

    We got the look good part covered, but the other half of the equation - the feel good part - is up to you. We don't sell that. You gotta make it yourself. 

    One thing we do make, that people both sleep and slay in though, are our signature Rogue Coast CA white t-shirts.



    There's lot out there on how to wear the perfect white t-shirt. Look, we do not sell the perfect white t-shirt. We have a bunch of imperfect white t-shirts that we like a lot, that say cool stuff like CALM UP, that get worn by people. There is nothing perfect about Rogue Coast California's tees.


    We don't even know if it is tee shirt or t-shirt, so that's a gauge on how far we are from perfection. Take what you want from this list below, save to say since our Rogue Coast CA tees have experienced a lot of life, being worn by a lot of different people, we know this is what you should not do in a white t-shirt. 

    1. Do not wear a white t-shirt more than once without washing it.

    Debatable, but standing by it as white apparel is obviously both a magnet and magnifying glass for rogue splatters, stains and smudges. 

    Yet, each year people show up to the emergency room with corn kernels stuck up their nostril because they took a bet they could pop it with their own body heat. So that tells us things that seem obvious are not so obvious to all.

    Wear your white t-shirt only once. Then wash it. 

    Rogue Coast CA white tees washing machine

    White t-shirts are SPIES and secretly trap stains and marks and smells better than any other hued tee and you just can't detect or sense it.

    You think it's safe to wear it twice in a row, but it's not. We've all seen those black light germ demos. Just wait until you go out in to natural light or get close to anther human. Dogs don't care. Don't risk it. White t-shirts are not your favorite jeans that can be recycled thirty seven times before they go in the wash. 

    You think it's clean cause you only wore it to run errands for a couple hours. Yet your errands that day were to your favorite coffee shop and a BBQ joint. Now you smell like a coffee roasting fried chicken. 

    2. Do not wear a white t-shirt around a baby.

    This may also seem obvious. But you'd be surprised how many family photo shoots involve jeans and "a classic white tee". This is not a good idea. Photoshop erased the damage. 

    Babies are fashion agnostic. They do not care if the adult caring for them is wearing a trash bag or a wedding dress. Nor do they care what you put on them as long as they can continue being the best babies they can be.


    They will spit up on you. Pee on you. Poop on you. Drool on you. Teethe on you. White t-shirts are not the choice here.   

    Doesn't matter how you want to look around a baby, white t-shirt is not a good idea. 

    3. Do not wear a white t-shirt while re-reading old texts from your ex.

    Stay with us for this one. 

    White t-shirts are clean palettes of unbiased apparel that absorb anything with a glaring glow. Coffee spill? Brown as Bambi. Spaghetti sauce? Red as Rudolph's nose. Pit stains? Butternut squash shadows are now amber spotlights. 

    Vibes are no different. 

    When you re-read old texts from your ex, you're absorbing the bad vibes of what was. You're not present. You're revisiting something you can't change. You're further entrenching yourself in your own stuck-ness. The dynamic doesn't exist anymore. It's gone. A moment in the ephemera that can't be recaptured. And you're fossilizing your heart in to a chapter that is over and does not lift you up. 

    Don't do it. It's bad vibes and prevents the good stuff from coming in to your life.