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    rogue coast ca calm up

    Why calm down when you can calm up?

    Level up. Bless up. Glow up. Calm up. The best transformations are all about going UP. Not down. 

    The most sensational views are from the top. Not the bottom. 

     rogue coast ca calm up


    When life spins out and you get wound too tight, when has anyone saying, "calm down" ever landed? Approximately never. Who has ever calmed down in the history of being told, "please calm down..."?

    It's absurd to even suggest it. It never works. Yet, the request persists.

    Have you witnessed someone immediately neutralize after being told to "calm down"? Or have you yourself reevaluated your own behavior with that prompt and responsively paused, reflected, registered, and then diffused?


    Calm up is better. 

    'Calm up' is all about consistently rising above the static, noise, bitching, bad vibes, criticism, negativity, irrationality, bullshit, and enjoying the view from the top with the complete control and conviction that maintaining your cool is the ultimate flex.

     Calm up is a lifestyle. 

     Calm up is a vibe.

    When you calm up, there is no need for anyone to chime in and tell you to 'calm down'; you're already locked and loaded in complete control of your bliss and self-realization. 

    The only opinion that matters is your own. The respect that matters the most is self-respect. The love that matters the most is self love. 

    Knee deep in a blow out fight? Calm up. 

    Curving an irrational work colleague? Calm up. 

    There are better views from the top, calm up and enjoy it.